Sunday, January 06, 2008

CI in the House!

I can think of nothing more exciting that spending a glorious January afternoon outside (71 degrees in STL in Jan?) learning how to do KB snatches! Or at least trying. Kevin and I were very fortunate to have Catherine Imes take time out of her weekend to give us top-notch instruction in the basic points of KB lifting.

I have zero experience with kettlebells, so it is imperative I learn about them from someone who does. There are significant differences between using a KB and a BB, even though both are used to do lifts of the same name. So to have experience from one, does not automatically guarantee you perform the other correctly, efficiently or safely. Cate helped us understand that today. She is a woman after my own heart--strong, smart and meticulous in her attention to technique and detail. She is a student of her sport and of the Iron Game.

A 12 kg KB is on the way to IM HQ. I'm sure we'll have Cate back again for a few follow up sessions after some practice.

Thanks, CI, for your time and help today. The STL region is lucky to have such a great resource. And I'm psyched to have a great new friend and colleague.


Catherine Imes said...

Thanks for the kind words. It was great working with you and Kevin.


Jen said...

Wow! how cool is that!!! You all can come over and Play with KB's at my house any day!