Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nifty Package from Sheila T!

Got a nice thank you note, DVD and commemorative book from Sheila Taormina today as a thank you for providing the Sharing The Dream 2007 tour with some weightlifting video of Cheryl Haworth and Natalie Woolfolk. After the 2008 Olympic Games, I hope to work with Sheila to bring the tour to St. Louis and other areas of the country.

The DVD has highlights of the tour and shows all the athletes demonstrating and instructing kids of all ages and abilities in their respective sports. One of the highlights is listening to the boys from a high school hockey team speak with awe of Angela Ruggiero's skating ability ("She had a sick shot!") and of the opportunity to hold one of her Olympic gold medals. Another highlight is watching Shannon Miller teach and demonstrate gymnastic skills to a group of young women. Three years of law school evidently doesn't diminish your ability to do handstand walks forward and backward.

How cool is it for everyday people to get to meet elite female athletes (free of charge), of such diverse size and ability! Sheila rounded the women up, got her brother to drive the RV and off they went--even to the UP of Michigan--to share their stories and motivate young people to reach for their dreams and take responsibility for their health.

Although Shannon is retired, the other four women are still competing and working toward the 2008 or 2010 Olympic Games. At 38, Sheila is pushing the performance envelope with her attempt at making the Games in a third sport. She is truly a woman of boundless energy and giving spirit. You Go Girl!

(In honor of Jen, I will have to give a rousing WOOT!)

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