Sunday, January 27, 2008

Form and Function

Way back in 2002, I scanned these images by Howard Schatz from Sports Illustrated (October 14, 2002). A fascinating array of elite female athlete physiques, heights and weights, eh? These are some of the women featured in his book Athlete--a very cool pictorial essay that celebrates athletic form and function.


whatupdun said...

A month or so ago, I fell madly in love with a girl right on the spot. She was snatching more weight than I could and her cute face was framed by the hugest traps I've ever seen on a girl.

When I go the gym, it's all business for the hour that I'm lifting. By the time I was ready to talk to her, she was gone -- back to the Virginia Tech athletes-only training facility, and out of my life forever (until I find her sometime soon).

I told my girlfriend (with whom I've lived for ~1.5 years) about my new infatuation, and she wasn't thrilled (even though we share an open relationship). Wasn't thrilled, but strangely enough, she's been asking alot of questions and has started Rippetoe's Starting Strength program.

I don't regret not interrupting my training to go talk to her, though ;)

David said...

super interesting. i'm always amazed and strangely satisfied to see how form follows function in elite athletes, and how you can usually identify them by their morphology. tara nott would not pass for an olympic-level high jumper, and svetlana khorkina does not look like a bodybuilding competitor.

Anonymous said...


Do you know if those photos were ever made into posters? They would be fantastic for a gym.

The Iron Maven said...

I don't know. Contact Howard Schatz to see what he has available.

Gubernatrix said...

This is fascinating - thanks for posting!

There are some surprises. Cathy Sassin, the Adventure Racing athlete (third pic) has more muscles on display than I would have though. I would have expected her to look more like a marathon runner. Hers is a great physique.

The two weightlifters look very different as well. Tara Nott could pass for a sprinter or a bodybuilder at least.

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic! Thanks for letting the world see. :) Very inspirational.

I think they made an error with the heights between Tara Lipinski and Tegla Laroupe. Tara Noff is listed as 5'1'', and Tegla is her size, but listed as 4'1'', while Tara is listed as 5'1'', but is clearly shorter. Heh.

J.R.Shirley said...

Wow, that is illuminating. Thanks.

Jane Dough said...

Love those pictures. Inspiring!

Jill said...

Hi! I love these photos. Would you happen to have the photos of the men? I looked everywhere!

jilljayne (at) notetohealth (dot) com